David Lynch / Roy Orbison

Lynch reactivated Roy Orbisons career and produced Orbisons Best Of album "In dreams", which paved him the way into the Rock`n`Roll Hall of Fame: 

12. Re-recorded Hits and "In Dreams" 

QUESTION: What made you decide to re-record your
greatest hits almost twenty years after their first

ANSWER: " We were trying to duplicate "In Dreams".
What happened was the Monument masters, all of the old
originals, were in Bankruptcy Court and we had no
product out, so I decided to re-record them just so that
they would be available. We were trying to recapture the
exact sound. However, when we got to, when I signed
with Virgin Records they wanted to call the album "In
Dreams". David Lynch had put "In Dreams" in the film "
Blue Velvet." We called David to see if he would let us use
part of the film for the video and he said 'Well, let me hear
the re-recording'. He heard it and he said 'Well I think we
can do better'. So we went back in and re-recorded again
and we did it live. T-Bone Burnett was the producer and
David Lynch was the Director of the record. That's the first
time I had ever been directed on a record but he was
great; he did a wonderful job. We recorded that live as I
did the first one. There was no over-dubbing. We were all
there the one time and made a few passes and then
recorded it. In that sense it is live and it is me some years
later still trying to be faithful to it. The arrangement is about
the same." 

At the occasion of a Roy Orbison memorial night, Dean 'Ben' Stockwell lip synced in Dreams with a lamp like he did in Blue Velvet