Covers / samples:

There`s a Moby - version of the Laura Palmerīs theme entitled 'Go', available in countless remixes.

One Eyed Jack Twin Peaks

'One eyed Jack' released a 12" /MCD with three techno-versions of Falling. You can listen to the mp3 of the "Log Lady Mix" (5:53) here

As did 'The Mob' :  the "Falling murder mix","Falling soul mix" were released on a German 12" by Flim Flam label. in 1991

The Astrodome Warriors did a cover version of "Falling" (mp3) as well.

Shadow Project`s "Hounds upon the Hare" includes almost complete stanzas from "Questions in a world of blue" (Voice of Love, FWWM soundtrack), you can listen to the mp3 here.

'The Wedding Present' did a cover version of 'Falling', it is the flipside of their 1992 Silver Shorts  7" (RCA PB45311) 

The Japanese band '
Something Wonderful' released a 5" CD with three versions of the Laura Palmer's Theme, plus a track called 'Red Room Party'. (May 1992, ALCA-329)

The One-Little-Indian band 'No-Man' used some Lary Flynn Boyle-samples for their song 'Days In The Trees'

The Pixies covered  'In Heaven', the track is available on the flipside of "Gigantic" and their BBC-live album.

In Heaven was covered by Bauhaus and Tuxedomoon as well.

The German Band "Some More Crime" used a sample of the famous "Wrapped in Plastic"-quote for a sametitled song.

Jocelyn Montgomery`s former band Miranda Sex Garden did a cover of "In Heaven".

Pankow (I) recorded 'In Heaven' for their "Omne Animal Triste Post Coitum"-album.

Adamski covered 'In Heaven' as well.

Templebeat, an Italian electro band "redid" the Blue Velvet theme.

Coil released a song entitled "Loveīs secret domain" which is quite certainly inspired by Blue Velvet; it includes quotes from Roy Orbisonīs In Dreams as well as some darker messages... 'In dreams I walk with you, In dreams I talk to you, In dreams you`re mine, all of the time...."

Apparatus use some Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me -samples in their song "Hell`s Home".

So do Apoptygma Berzerk on their track "Walk With Me".

Marilyn Manson`s 'Wrapped In Plastic' is certainly inspired by Twin Peaks

Sebutones´ intro to the album "50/50 Where it Counts" has a quote of Frank Booth from the film Blue Velvet

Buck 65´s "Track 13" (album: Man Overboard) has another Blue Velvet quote. ".. like that guy in Blue Velvet, So Fucking Suave."

Fantomas do a cover of the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me theme on their album "The Director's Cut"

(Thank you very much to Shawn for the additions)