Exhibitions / Events:
  •  2001 Toulouse, France, September 17th-October 8th: exhibition of David Lynch`s photographs taken in Poland in 2000 of nudes and industrial ruins printempsdeseptembre


  • 2001 Barcelona, Spain, 24 July – 25 November 2001: exhibition of  a selection  of  David Lynch`s engravings in a specially designed 'Red Room'; www.cccb.org




  • 2001 (?) July, David Lynch Photography Exhibit at the Center for Photographic Art Sunset Center Carmel


  • 2001 starting Oct. 6th,  Carlsten Gallery and the Richard and Myrna Schneider Student Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens. Exhibition of the "Ant Bee Tarantula"- print  by David Lynch, works by Art Spiegelman and others


  • 1999 / 2000 /  / 2002 ? "Lynch Worlds", Saas-Fee, Switzerland, Summer workshop by David Lynch, European Graduate School taking place every year (but not in 2001)


  •   2000, PRIXITALIA, Bologna 

"For the first time in Italy exponents of cyber culture, experts on architecture and design, and others working in new media will reflect on the emerging languages which characterise communication and artistic expression on the networks, exploring the aesthetic values expressed in the form of interactive writing and the web of connectivity which feeds the emergence of ideas in the virtual community. The distinguished participants will include Tomàs Maldonado, David Lynch, Gui Bonsiepe, Maurice Benayoun, Derrick de Kerckhove, Paolo Fabbri, Jean-Pierre Balpeand Antonello Fusetti."

  • 2000, October 10th-12th Apple QuickTime Live! Conference 

    Keynote speakers for the second-annual QuickTime™ Live! conference on October 9
    — 12 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California include: 


    Frank Casanova, Apple’s director of QuickTime Product Marketing;
    award-winning filmmaker and director David Lynch, and widely acclaimed digital
    animation special effects creator David Dozoretz

  • 2000, CAMERIMAGE, VIII International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, Poland.

David Lynch attended this festival and won two prizes: "The Golden Frog  for Visual Valour in Direction" and the  "The Golden Frog to Duo: Director-Cinematographer" with  Frederick Elmes. 


  • 2000 February 12-April 30,  "Let's Entertain", Walker Art Exhibition Center, Minneapolis

(exhibition beside Cindy Sherman, Mike Kelley and many others)


  • 199? / 200? So Faraway, So Close, Espace Méridien,  Brussels (Belgium)

"A current exhibition in Brussels explores the relations between contemporary artists and cinema. Taking its title from a Wim Wenders film, So Faraway, So Close, the exhibition exploits certain images to the full. Painting, photography, video and cinema, all have different ways of affecting the viewer even if this may only be a contrast between fixed and moving images. The exhibition includes works by Dennis Hopper, David Lynch, Jean-Luc Godard, Chantal Akerman, Atonioni and manyothers. It runs until 11 July."

  • 1999 December 2nd- 5th  (4 days), National Film School of Denmark (filmskolen.dk)

    Seminar called "The Film Sound as Means of Expression", with sound designers,directors, sound editors and composers from Scandinavia and abroard involved. Among the speakers were  Walter Murch, Gary Rydström, David Lynch, John Roos (sound mixer for Lost Highway a.m.), George Lucas, Ren Klyce (sound designer for  "Seven" a.m.), Randy Thom (sound designer for "Wild at Heart" a.m.), Skip Lievsay (sound designer for "Silence of the Lambs", Barton Fink,  Fargo a.m.), and many more. The seminar was to explore the dramatic, dramaturgical and poetical aspect of film sound rather than the merely technical sides to it.

    Some of the speakers were present in person and some "virtually" in the form  of interviews






  • 1998 April 16th - 19th:   "School of Sound"-symposium, London

    "Guest speakers include Walter Murch, David Lynch, Michel Chion, Laura
    Mulvey and Stephen Deutsch."


  • 1998 Feb/ March : "Exquisite Corpse", Ann Arbor Art Center
    Exhibition, performances in the context of surrealism
    Taken from the Michigan daily online February 2nd 1998:
    "The 6:30 p.m. reception will be followed by the screening of a surrealist film Salvador Dali helped create, "Un Chien Andalou." Other surrealist films will be shown later - David Lynch's "Lost Highway" will be shown at 11:45 p.m. tomorrow, and his "Eraserhead" at 10:15 p.m. on Saturday."


some film stills shown in the context of a Film Noir-Exhibition.
Taken from the Seattle Inquirer August 15th 1997: Also included in the exhibition are five photographs by the film director David Lynch, the best-known of a contemporary generation of directors working in an updated noir style. Lynch's "Blue Velvet" (1986) and his influential "Twin Peaks" television series of the early '90s are among his most memorable works. Olson is writing a biography on Lynch, who spent part of his youth in Idaho and Spokane. Lynch's photographs are moody, shadow-filled faces of a pouty, red-lipped young woman, a modern noir siren.


  • 1997 April , Salone del Mobile, Milan (Italy) (furniture exhibition)


  • 1997 March 19th- April 13th, "Dreams", an exhibition of photographs in Japan


  • 1997 Jan 14- Feb 22 , Piltzer Gallery, Paris


  • 1996 December 20th- 1997 January 21st; Parco Gallery, Tokyo
    "Dreams", the exhibition was subtitled "Symphony of accidents penetrated by organic phenomenon";  remarkable for an advance screening of Lost Highway(!)

  • 1996 - Painting Pavillon, Open Air Museum, Hakone, Japan 
  • - Park Tower Hall, Tokio 
  • - Namba City Hall, Osaka 
  • - Artium Fukuoka, Japan 


  • 1995 - Kohn/Turner Gallery, Los Angeles 


  • 1993 March 26 - April 24th, Pace Gallery. Drawing into Film: Director`s Drawings. Some Lynch-drawings shown.


  • 1993, February-March , James Corcoran Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


  • 1992 - Sala Parpallo, Valencia, Spain 


  • 1992 Firenze Palazzo Medici Riccardi Museo Mediceo 13 ottobre - 6 dicembre 1992 (Florence, Italy, with an accompanying catalogue)


  • 1991 Exhibition at the Touku Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tokio (with an accompanying catalogue)


  • 1991 March 1st-31st Rodger La Pelle Galleries: "Strange Magic: Early Works"


  • 1990 - Tavelli Gallery, Aspen, Colorado 
  • - No. 0 Gallery, Dallas, Texas 


  • 1989 Paintings Exhibition at the Lou Castelli Gallery, New York


  • 1989 University of Hawaii, Honolulu (Group exhibition)


  • 198? Exhibition at Rodger La Pelle Galleries, Philadelphia


  • 1987 Paintings Exhibition at James Corcoran Gallery, Santa Monica


  • 1983 (during the shooting of Dune) paintings exhibition at Puerta Vallarta (Mexico)


  • 1979 "David Lynch acted the role of a painter (providing his own paintings) in John Byrum`s Heart beat (USA 1979) 


  • 1979 some works shown at the International Art Fair, Washington, D.C.


  • 1969 Exhibition at the Paley Library Gallery, Philadelphia


  • 1967 Vanderlip Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


David Lynch exhibition poster

(exhibition poster, "The Elephant Man"-motif)