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  0 UK Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me UK DVD Release date: September 17th by Second Sight. Dolby 2.0 soundtrack only, widescreen at
  0 Brazil Twin Peaks Fire Walk WIth Me DVD Brazil "Twin Peaks: Os ultimas diaz de Laura Palmer"  Codefree. Dolby Digital 2.0. Widescreen. Portugese subtitles.  
  1 US Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. US RC1 DVD Widescreen. Dolby 5.1 soundtrack. Includes a 30 minute documentary  at
  2 Netherlands Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. RC2 Netherlands.  English Dolby 2.0. Dutch subtitles. Fullscreen only (4:3). Released by A-Video March 7th 2002  
  2 Italy   "Twin Peaks: Fuoco cammina con me".  To be released by Cecchi Gori  
  2 Germany Twin Peaks German DVD Twin Peaks -  Der Film. Fullscreen only (4:3), German DD 5.1 and 2.0 soundtrack, interactive menus, scene selection, no English soundtrack!

available at (out of print at the moment)

Released by Mawa, extremely high prices at ebay


  2 France Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. France . RC 2. DVD To be released by mk2.

Mk2 are still considering to include the missing scenes...So you might give it a try to politetly ask them to do so:


  2 Japan Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Japan DVD NTSC. Release date: september 26th 2002.16:9 LB Vista. Japanese subtitles. English /Dolby Digital /2.0ch / Japanese /Dolby Digital /2.0ch available here
  3 Korea Twion Peaks Fire Walk With Me Korea DVD 2 disc set released by Alto Media

Anamorphic Letterboxed 1.85:1; DTS Digital Surround; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround; 2 "Making Of" Documentaries; Production Notes; Cast & Crew Info.; Still Gallery; Trailers; "The Art Of David Lynch"; Much More...

at hkflix