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  Region Country  cover specifics  availability
  0 Hongkong Twin Peaks DVD pilot Codefree Twin Peaks pilot, released by Scarecrow).
Dolby Digital 5.1  Original in English with optional Chinese Subtitles 
Interactive Menu.

the pilot should be including on all European and the Japanese box, so mainly of interest for those living in the USA

  1 USA Twin Peaks DVD first series special edition (seven episodes without the pilot). Released by Artisan on December 18th 2001. Dolby 5.1 DTS,  including interviews,  television spots, several featurettes, and more... at
  2 Germany Twin Peaks. First season. RC2. German DVD Release date: November 7th 2002 by Paramount

(almost the same features as the US discs but it includes the pilot and a German soundtrack), the second season might be released next year


  2 UK   Release date: November 4th 2002

Almost the same features as the US Artisan release, but including the pilot episode English stereo plus Italian, Spanish and German mono soundtrack, the episodes 1-7 have Dolby Digital 5.1 and Italian, Spanish and German mono soundtrack.


  2 Italy Twin Peaks. Italian 4 DVD set. Release date: October 17th  
  2 Spain Twin Peaks DVD Spain 8 discs (the complete series) . RC2. Dolby Digital Spanish and English

Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Access, Photogallery


available here
  2 Denmark Twin Peaks DVD Danish Release date: November 13th 2002. (includes Danish subtitles) available here
  2 Czech Republic Twin Peaks DVD Czech Release date: November 13th 2002 (Hollywood Classic Entertainment).

English Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 plus German, Italian and Spanish mono soundtrack. Many subtitles including Czech


available here
  2 Netherlands   English Dolby Digital 5., German, Spanish and Italian mono soundtrack. Includes Dutch menues and subtitles. Release date: November 12th 2002  
  2 Sweden    

Released October 16th by Paramount


  2 Japan Twin Peaks DVD first series special edition Japan NTSC. Released October 25th