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  0/1 USA Eraserhead US Region 1

release date: January 2003,

inlcudes a 90 minute Making of - Stories - and a deleted scene as an easter egg.

the edition is housed in a special 8*8" box with a booklet. The new transfer has by supervised by David Lynch himself. Widescreen, Dolby DD 2.0



  2 UK Eraserhead UK DVD 4x3, DD 2.0, features: Lynch bio/filmography, original Trailer. Released by Universal Pictures Video 1st Jan 2001 at
  2 France Eraserhead DVD France Release date:   September 6th 2000 (by Film Office).

Features: David Lynch interview, stills.


  2 Spain Eraserhead DVD Spanish "Cabeza Borradora"  English Mono soundtrack, Spanish subtitles.

Features: scene access, filmographies


  2 Japan Eraserhead Japanese DVD Widescreen letterboxed,, English DD 2.0 (1993 re-mix), Japanese subtitles, TV spots and trailers at
  2 Japan Japanese David Lynch Box: includes Eraserhead, DUNE, DUNE David Lynch Box: includes Eraserhead, DUNE, DUNE
extended and Blue Velvet. 
  4 New Zeland Eraserhead DVD Australia Released by AV Channel.

Features: David Lynch Biography, Original Theatrical Trailer, Scene Access. 
Motion Main Menu 
Video: Full Screen 4:3 
Audio: English Remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 


  4 Australia Eraserhead DVD Region 4