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  Region Country  cover specifics  availability
  0 Brazil Duna Dune Brazil DVD codefree. Released by Flash Star. 137 minutes (theatrical version). Dolby Digital. Portugese subtitles. Features: trailer, scene access, interactive menu, bio- and filmographies for David Lynch and the actors.   
  0 China Dune DVD China regionfree English Dolby Digital  with Chinese & English subtitles,130 minutes   
  1 USA Dune DVD RC1 Region 1 Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby. Features: 
Production notes , theatrical trailer(s). English, Spanish, French subtitles.
  2 Germany David Lynch Dune Perfect 4-disc-set, "Perfect Collection"

limited to 5.000 copies, tin case

includes both versions plus cuts scenes (?), making of, trailers, David Lynch trailer show, his Micra-spot and making of, complete soundtrack album and more

release date: June 30th

  2 Germany David Lynch Dune Spice Edition 2-disc set, "Spice Pack" including both versions

release date: June 30th

  2 Germany David Lynch Dune Marketing  

theatrical version, re-release by Marketing

release date: June 30th

  2 Germany David Lynch Dune Marketing TV-version, re-realese by Marketing

release date: June 30th

  2 Germany   single disc theatrical version of the release below, released by Laserparadise  
  2 Germany Dune special edition 3 disc set German 3 disc set including both versions and extras (making-of, theme park, screenplay), packed in a velvet case

English Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, German Dolby Digital 6.1 soundtrack

Released by Laser Paradise, a limited edition of 500 copies was released with a special toy

disappointing transfer, slightly cut, forced subtitles

  2 Germany Dune DVD German theatrical version 132 mins. Widescreen (2.35:1) Release date: April 2001 by Astro Video. Features: Theatrical trailer. (No English soundtrack). The image is far too bright.

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  2 Germany Dune - German DVD 180 minutes TV version (TV version). Release date: June 26th 2001. Only the added TV-footage is available in English.... Features bio- and filmographies at
  2 Italy Dune DVD Italian Released by CVC in 2000. 130 minutes (Theatrical version)   Widescreen anamorphic (2.35: / 16:9). English Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, Italian Dolby Digital 5.1 mono (??) soundtrack.

Features: Theatrical trailer, photo gallery, actor`s filmographies


  2 France Dune France DVD Release date: december 3rd 1998
(by Gaumont Columbia Tristar Home Video). French and English Dolby Surround Soundtrack. 135 mins (Theatrical version). 
  2 UK Dune 180minutes DVD Dune. UK Region 2 180 minutes-TV-version. Castle Home Video. Features: scenes access, theatrical trailer, booklet folds into a reprint of the original poster. This is the 'Alan Smithee'-version. The new intro is spoken by Frank Herbert himself. 4:3 (television)-format, but the soundtrack is not mono, as indicated on the cover

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  2 UK   Dune. UK Region 2 theatrical version. Features: trailer, stills. Widescreen, Dolby stereo. Released by Castle Home Video, 11th Oct 1999  
  2 Hungary Dune DVD RC2 Hungarian Release date: December 6th 2001. English und Hungarian Dolby 5.1 soundtrack, widescreen (2:35:1)  
  2 Poland Diuna (Dune). Polish DVD English Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 and Dolby Surround soundtrack. Features: David Lynch biography, cast and crew information, planet overview, movie trailer and Easter Egg.  
  2 Netherlands Dune. Netherlands. Region 2 DVD Fullscreen (4:3). Dolby Digital 2.0 surround

Released by Boxxz Entertainment


  2 Spain Dune DVD Spanish (theatrical version). Region 2 Pal. Relased by Manga Films November 22nd 2000. Spanish and Japanes audio track. Spanish subtitles.

Features: Scene access, photo gallery, interactive menus


  2 Portugal Dune DVD Portugese Region Code 2 theatrical version. Released by Lusomundo November 11th 2001. 

Features: trailer, image gallery, bio- and filmographies


  2 Japan Dune DVD Japan 189 min. (extended TV version containing over 50
min of additional footage), 4x3, E DD 2.0, Japanese subtitles
  2 Japan Japanese Dune DVD theatrical version 137 min (Theatrical release version) Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. 2.35:1  at
  2 Norway Dune DVD 1.33:1 (Pan & Scan). DD 2.0. 131 minutes (Theatrical version). Released by Jupiter on May 10th 2001
Subtitles: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish

Features: biographies, Trailers: Fuld Hammer, Vikaren, Things To Do In Denver, When You're Dead, Robinson Crusoe)
  2 Finnlamd Dune DVD Finnland Fullscreen. Dolby Digital 2.0 Released by Scanbox Finland - Jupiter / Finnkino  
  3 Korea   2.35:1 Widescreen,  Dolby Digital 5.1(English), Dolby Stereo(French). English, Japanese, Korean subtitles 137 min. 
Released by Daum media , 2001 : 7. 7.

Features:  making documentary,  theatrical trailer, cast introdution, animated prologue, slide show notes,  production notes

(Thank you mezzy for this info!)

  4 Australia Dune DVD Australian (Theatrical version). Widescreen (LBX), E DTS 5.1 (!!). Release date: May 15, 2001 by Universal (Infogrames)

Features: 2 Theatrical Trailers, Cast/Crew Bios, Production Notes


  4 Australia Dune DVD Australia Theatrical version. Pan & scan. Dolby 2.0. Released by Force Video. Features: Production Notes, Cast & Crew Biographies. 

(I haven`t seen this disc, but the reviews are really terrible, the other Australian release should be much better)


  5 Russia Dune DVD Russia RC 5 widescreen 2.35:1 Dolby digital 5.. Released by Twister Digital Video in 2002